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The Seti War
July 8, 2002

I am currently engaged in a battle of seti packet processing with a friend. I sincerely need your help to aid in my conquest! If you would be kind enough to aid in this great endeavor and donate your spare CPU cycles to this perilous cause, get the client and run it, registering it with the email address

w2577 at hotmail dot com

Disclaimer: I assume no resonsibility for 1) the machine(s) on which you run the Seti@Home client, 2) the duration for which you run the client(s), and 3) the permission which you have for consuming extra CPU cycles. Read the Seti@Home AUP.

If you decide to help us out, please register below so we can get an idea of how many people have joined our force. When the battle is won, we will email all those who have registered.