What it takes to be a good computer programmer

What it takes to be a good computer programmer

Generally, becoming a programmer requires you to continually build your programming skills over time. Besides, you also need to be dedicated to learning your target programming language. In a nutshell, becoming a programmer is a process that entails personal commitment, regular practice and generally focusing the energy on becoming a better programmer. In this guide, we cover what it takes to be a good computer programmer, however, to achieve your goal of becoming a competent programmer; you have to go an extra mile in whatever you’re required to do.

  1. 1. Enrol for an introductory course in programming.

Before you can become a programmer, it is important to take an introductory course in programming. You can choose to take a programming language course, or Logics course, or a discrete mathematics course. Alternatively, you may choose to take all of these courses in preparation for becoming a good computer programmer. These courses are an integral part of preparing you to solve problems using a computer program.

  1. 2. Take time to understand database concepts

A database is one component of computer programming that any serious programmer cannot do without. As such, it’s important for any aspiring programmer to take their time off to purposely learn database concepts including, the database structures, tables, rows, fields and so on. It’s important for you to have an understanding of how the database works and how its different components relate to each other. You can enroll for an MS Access or MySQL or Oracle class to understand these concepts.

  1. 3. Decide the type of programming you want to get into

It is important to understand that you can join one or more of the programming field below: Mobile application programming, games programming, desktop application programming, web programming, distributed applications programming, library/framework/platform/core programming, system programming, and many more programming areas.

Choose an area to venture into after thoroughly evaluating your programming and career goals, your strengths, and your shortcomings. Good programmers have their fields of specialization; nobody will take you as a serious programmer if you cannot specialize in at least one area in the programming field.

  1. 4. Learn the technologies associated with your fields of choice

Every programming field, be it web, desktop, mobile programming, there are technologies behind its implementation. For instance, if you have chosen to go into the web programming field, you should learn all that makes up web programming in terms of technology. You have to acquire knowledge an HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3, SMTP, TCP, IP protocols, HTML, XML, Coldfusion, ASP, JSP, PHP, and ASP.NET.

Besides, you need to browse through several websites in pursuit of information regarding the working or deployment of these technologies.

You also need to look for different projects either post or running online that are relevant to your area of specialization and try to understand the technology behind them. By doing this, you’ll learn to embrace your field’s best practices and eventually become one of the best in your programming discipline.

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