Why C Programming is still in Use Despite the Advent of Higher Programming Languages

C programming language is still in use today despite the presence of other higher level languages.Most of the operating systems in use today were developed long time ago but make use of the C Programming language. The Unix operating system and Oracle database have their code written in C language. Microsoft Windows, Linus, Mac and mobile phones have systems programmed in C language. Databases such as Oracle, MySQL, MSSQl server and PostgreSQL are coded in C.3D movies are made with applications that are written in C and C++.

Most of the devices we use today use embedded systems and are most likely programmed in C.Due to the flexible features,C will be found in most of the brands that we use on a daily basis.Despite the fact that there are many programming languages C remains unbeatable for various reasons;

Easy to use

C is used to express ideas in a way that most people will quickly understand. The principles and parameters used in C are also available in other languages making it easy even for people who don’t understand the language.C is a portable assembly language and its available for processor architects. Compilers, libraries, and interpretation of other programming languages are done in C language due to of its ease of use.

Pointer Arithmetic and memory Manipulation abilities

Arbitrary memory address access and pointer arithmetic make C the perfect language for operating and embedded systems. Computer systems must read and write into memory addresses that they map their peripherals and I/O pins into and C ability to manipulate the memory is an important characteristic.

Effective use of Resources

Embedded application have limited time and memory resources and c ability to manage memory especially if memory is scarce.Since the C language does not depend so much on dynamic allocation, it’s perfect for limited resource systems.

Small code Size

The C programming language has a short runtime, and its footprint memory is small as compared to other languages.The C generated binary code that goes into embedded systems is half the size of most of other languages’ provides a more compact code as compared to other languages and for systems that don’t have additional space its perfect.

C is also considered one of the easiest languages to learn especially for developers.It’s also one of the widely used languages therefore an advantage to be able to understand the language.

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